Is the value of your company reflected in your share price?

Why not engage with the whole market, not just a part of it.

That’s where we can help. A unique platform making individual investors and regional wealth managers part of your investor roadshow, regardless of the number of shares they own or where they are located.

Individual Investors are
collectively the largest
domestic owner of UK
listed companies by value.

But because they are the hardest to access, with no central platform to enable direct engagement.

They can be overlooked.

Source: ONS

It’s a big problem.

“Company shareholder engagement is beset with serious challenges.”

“A framework is lacking that might enable productive engagement.”

“Dispersed ownership structures present their own challenges around shareholder
engagement and representation of shareholder views on the board.”

How many of these Individual Investors have you directly presented your investment case to?

It’s too big an opportunity to overlook.



Total number of execution only accounts and the number of times they traded in 2018. These numbers do not include advisory or discretionary accounts.

Individual Investors can have a disproportionate impact on the value of your company.

84.7% of all AIM listed companies have an average trade size below £10,000.

Doesn’t it make sense to engage with them?

That’s why we are integrating our technology directly with wealth management platforms.

Through our partnership with PIMFA, the UK’s leading trade association for wealth managers whose members represent

Wealth Managers



We look to access the individual investor where they hold your shares.

How many regional wealth managers have you presented your investment case to?

One meeting, one slot in your roadshow, from one platform, all investors.

We offer more than just engagement, it’s about verifiable governance too

“The focus of the UK Corporate Governance code and QCA code remains on engagement between the company, shareholders and their stakeholders.”

It’s important to engage with all shareholders,
not just the biggest.

Principle 2

Seek to understand and meet shareholder needs and expectations.

Principle 10

Communicate how the company is governed and performing by maintaining dialogue with shareholders.



Can the board have a clear understanding of the views of Individual Investors?



Can the board ensure effective engagement, encourage participation and maintain dialogue with all Individual Investors?

Without knowing who they are or how to contact them

It’s how you approach Corporate Governance that’s important.

The correct application of the QCA Code requires that the chair provides a clear explanation of how the company applies the QCA Code in the corporate governance statement.

In particular, appropriate communication and reporting structures should exist between the board and all constituent parts of its shareholder base.

A healthy dialogue should exist between the board and all of its stakeholders, including shareholders, to enable all interested parties to come to informed decisions about the company.

In the absence of high-quality communication, existing or potential shareholders may conclude that a company’s board is not fully committed to safeguarding their interests.

Increase shareholder value through
verified engagement.

Make the Individual Investor and regional wealth manager part of your investor roadshow efficiently.

Deliver high-level Corporate Governance reporting through verified engagement

Direct event management including:

– Full diary management
– Automated invite sent to the individual investor on presentation creation
– Presentation upload
– Permission your Advisors to manage events on your behalf

Interactive company portal that includes:

On-demand access to your account dashboard user functions, statistics and meeting functions

Full Data & Live Analytics including:

– Live & On-Demand Metrics
– Q & A Functions
– Polling Results
– Feedback Surveys

Unique Investor Access

– Demand Driven Meeting (DDM)
– Company Driven Meeting (CDM)

Enable Advisor Access to manage your account

Good corporate governance is delivered by a board that communicates openly and effectively with all shareholders. Information provided should be easily understood and be presented in an accessible format.

Regular, direct and interactive engagement, particularly with private investors, will help to enhance the transparency and integrity of the market as a whole.

Investor Meet Company offers a conduit for companies and investors to connect directly.

Tim Ward, Chief Executive, Quoted Companies Alliance

Communicate effectively to ensure your share price reflects its value.


Available to all investors, new or existing, regardless of the number of shares they own or where they are.​


Unique Company Driven or Demand Driven meeting functions. Access Investors in between results. Address volatility from misinformation.​


Access to historic presentations, meeting collateral, Q&A all in one place.


No need to travel. Communicate effectively with Individual Investors wherever they are.


Meet Individual Investors that want to meet you. Know who the investors are that want to engage with you, what they want to hear and connect with them.


Analyse engagement – use accurate data to understand the views of Individual Investors.


Address the disproportionate impact and liquidity issues that smaller trades cause through direct engagement.


Direct interactive engagement with Individual Investors via Q&A’s, polling and surveys builds trust and confidence.


No more noise – clarity of information for an informed decision.


Deliver high level Corporate Governance reporting through verified engagement.


You are. Live or on demand – it’s you informing investors, just the facts for an informed decision.


One meeting, one slot on your roadshow, from one platform. Now you can address all Individual Investors at the same time.

Now you can.

Directly engage with Individual Investors, regional investment managers efficiently and deliver good Corporate Governance reporting through verified engagement.

£299 + vat per month

We are not alone in seeing the benefits of engaging fairly and equally with Individual Investors.

“We believe that all investors should be treated fairly, equallyand on a non-discriminatory basis.”


We place great importance on communication with investors and we see investor engagement with issuers as an integral part of the wider investment process. Through integration with Investor Meet Company we aim to provide our clients and investment managers the opportunity to engage and communicate with the management of investee companies directly, providing a shareholder engagement solution that we believe will be greatly valued.

Marcus Tree

Director of Development, Charles Stanley

Our mission is to create an optimal operating environment so that our member firms can focus on delivering the best service to clients. PIMFA have long campaigned for the growth of retail participation in shareholding and building a culture of saving and investment. Our Profession is keen to ensure that private investors feel engaged in the companies they own. Through our collaboration with Investor Meet Company, our members, who represent over 180 Wealth Management Firms and 5.5 million client accounts, can now benefit from an integrated solution that can provide direct engagement with UK Listed Companies.

Liz Field, Chief Executive, PIMFA

We build conviction in our client portfolios through hearing from numerous quoted small caps. Thereafter it’s important that market liquidity in these stocks is the best it can be. We believe that giving a wider range of market participants the opportunity to have live interactive engagement with small caps will not only help them make more informed decisions, but also enhance market liquidity as well. In our view it is a win-win situation.

Gervais Williams
Senior Executive Director, Miton Group Plc

We never invest in any company where we have not met the management team as this represents a key component of our due diligence. In the interests of fairness and good governance it is desirable for this opportunity to interact directly with plc management teams to be extended to individual investors as well as institutions. We therefore encourage all companies to access individual investors through live interactive engagement making them part of the institutional roadshow.

Ken Wotton,
Managing Director – Quoted Investments 
Gresham House Asset Management

Effective engagement is critical for maintaining and growing confidence, particularly in smaller companies. Investor Meets Company provides an innovative solution for smaller investors to gain access to a company’s management and allows companies to fulfil their governance requirement to treat all shareholders equally.

Nick Hawthorn
Investment Manager, Downing

Marc Downes CEO

T: 0203 970 5522


Paul Brotherhood COO

T: 0203 970 5545